2010 Nuggets of Wisdom

Surround yourself with great people.  A group of motivated, talented, and hard-working people will do amazing things.

Tom Bieschke ‘95

Caltex Energy Inc.

Look for opportunities in the field you are in.  You have to have experience and contacts to make a business work, so why not use the ones you have?

Brandon Spears ‘94

republic landscapes

Don't be afraid to go out on your own.

David Baggett ‘81

John Vanderhider ‘81

Opportune LLP

In an entrepreneurial environment, a company's success is deeply tied to its people. Work only with those you can truly trust and share the rewards of the collective effort.

Curtis Hite ‘91

Improving Enterprises Inc

Look for a business that can support a high profit margin, requires low capital outlay, minimum overhead, and only requires a small staff.

Doyle Taylor ‘82

Karen Taylor ‘84

Monico Monitoring, Inc.

Focus on getting the best education and relevant work experience you can.  If your ultimate goal is to have your own business, trust yourself to know when the time is right.

Mitt Salvaggio ‘82

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Listening to the customer, paying attention to detail, and having a passion for what you do is the key to growing a business.

Brandon Zumwalt ‘99

Internet Contrasts Company

When your core purpose is focused on servicing others, the other details like generating revenue and paying the bills just seem to take care of themselves.

Russ D. Peterson Jr. ‘91

iSpeak, Inc.

Believe in yourself and let passion and faith guide your steps.  Do not be paralyzed by doubt or fear of the unknown because true success is limitless.

Sherman Wright ‘92


Always strive to ensure your customer's best interests are at the forefront of your decision making.  Treat them with honesty and respect and you will always arrive at the best solution.  Never become complacent in maintaining a connection with your custo

Philip Reagan ‘85

Centric Technology Services, LLC

Surround yourself with individuals of the highest caliber of integrity, intelligence, and faith in Him.  In doing that, you will continually improve yourself and effectively improve the daily operations of your business and relationships with your clients

JC Schoel ‘00

Andersen Schoel

Success comes through setting goals, dreaming big, staying true to your values, and treating others as you want to be treated.  Stay focused and failure is not an option.

Richard Harbin ‘92

Empowered Solutions, Inc.

Find a product or service that truly has a unique niche where you can compete with the big guys.  Have plenty of cash and/or quick access to capital, and absolutely outwork and outmaneuver the big guys.  Last but not least: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up bef

Garrett Ashmore ‘03

Voice Runner, Inc.

Networking! Aggies have always been willing to help but if one does not network, one does not know of opportunities.

Jon Wiesmann ‘00

Comflow Mechanical Services

I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the luckier I get.

Gene R. Birdwell ‘59

Brad A. Birdwell ‘83

GR Birdwell Construction LP

Success is embracing change and emerging through the molting process stronger and united in cause. The fastest and most effective way to embrace change, blend cultures, generate additional revenues, discover cost savings, and provide unique solutions in a

Katherine Nixon ‘90


What sets an entrepreneur apart is the belief that the impossible is possible. Never listen to the "it can't be done" crowd.

Joanne Vest ‘93

Karen Givilancz ‘89

Eric Givilancz ‘94

Schedule 2 Drive, LP

My youngest son just came back from Fish Camp, and said "Dad, I think I underestimated what it means to be an Aggie."  My suggestions to you: Follow the Aggie Code, do good always, learn everyday from your mistakes. You will have bad days, but hold onto y

Carl Dore, Jr. ‘77

Dore & Associates, Attorneys, P.C.

Your hard work with the help of great people can create amazing things!  Keep your focus because as fast as you can build it, it can be torn down ten times as fast.

Ryan Reichardt ‘04

Reichardt Construction, LLC

We have always focused on People. Relationships. Results.  That is our mission statement and what our firm has been built upon.  The company's core values have to be shared by each employee or the organization won't be able to reach its full potential.  W

Jeff Mackey ‘87

Frank Tanner ‘87

Mackey & Tanner, LLC

Build your networks as big as you can, but try and identify a consistent mentor who can lead you in the right direction.  Learning from other people's mistakes is much more efficient than learning from your own.    You also have to be willing to make sacr

Doss Cunningham ‘04

Woodbolt International

Decide what you stand for, then use those core values as your foundation and compass.  Build a team that embraces those values, then trust them to do the right things.

Bret Farrar ‘88

Sendero Business Services

Know yourself, know your talents and make the most of them, and surround yourself with people who are strong in areas where you are lacking.  Always have a mentor and learn to listen.

Rachel Hayden ‘89

Hayden Consultants, Inc.

Challenge yourself because you WILL go through a great deal of heartache, but it will be all worth your while and be very personally rewarding! Owning your own company is just as much personal as emotional, and provides you pride that can't be described.

Stephanie Atkinson ‘97

Compass Intelligence, LLC

In the Corps at A&M I learned that if you were to be a good leader, you first have to learn how to follow.  From my Christian faith I have learned that if you want to be successful you must serve the needs of those around you.  So learn how to be a good f

Jerry Easterly ‘73

INSYTE Information Corporation

Be the client, vendor, and partner that you would want to have and treat everyone you meet as if they have a direct impact on the outcome of your life.

James M. Benham ‘01

JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc

Always think of what you need to do to be your best: not where you are today, but where you want to be.  Your present circumstances should be accepted only in relation to the changes you need to make, not as an acceptance of today's reality.

Robert G. Gootee ‘73

The ODS Companies

Surround yourself with good people, put yourself in a position to succeed, and take calculated risks.

Tim Prichard ‘92

BridgeStreet Consulting Group

If you believe in yourself and work hard you can do anything.

Dr. Glenn R. Davis ‘93

Cypress Physicians Association

The hardest part of Product Design is not falling in love with your product. Surround yourself with people who have different viewpoints, and really hear what they are saying. Know every aspect of your business, then hire people who are better at it than

Richard Martin ‘71

OriGen Biomedical, Inc.

Conduct your business with honesty and integrity.  Be true to yourself, your employees, and your customers.

Chris Dailey ‘93

Dailey Electric, Inc.

You must be willing to work harder and longer than ever before, be willing to invest every last cent you have, have a plan and work it, and believe that you will be successful.

Tracie D. Rogalinski ‘97

Eye-Deal Vision, P.A.

Discover what makes you different and build from there. Quit reading 'Nuggets' and get busy.

Casey Sledge ‘93

Sledge Engineering

Strive to maintain the highest levels of honesty, ethics, and respect for others in business and in life.  Fair treatment at all levels generates loyal clients, employees, and vendors.

Michael D. Freeman ‘91

Steele & Freeman, Inc.

Be honest and have fun every chance you get.  Focus on quality and client service, and let profitability take care of itself.  Always have a positive attitude - great employees want to work in a positive environment and great clients want to do business w

George E. "Jed" Walker, Jr. ‘83

Walker Partners, LLC

Accomplish your goals by delivering a high level of energy, dedication, and on time service.  Reflect optimism in all that you do and return thanks for your blessings.

Jay B. Carlton ‘81

Sterling Structures, Inc.

You can expect to make mistakes when starting or operating a business, but success relies upon how you overcome and learn from those mistakes.

Michael Scheurich ‘92

Arch-Con Corporation

Keep learning.  Associate with smart and experienced people who are supportive.

Richard Payton ‘84

The Payton Company

When you are in a challenging market as we are currently experiencing in today's economic climate, it is crucial to never lose sight of your goals or compromise your integrity.

Lee Duggan III ‘76

American Wall Systems, L. P.

Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Sam T. Goodner ‘90

David Jacobson ‘90

Liam Collopy ‘96

Andrew Montz ‘90

Mike Albe ‘88

Catapult Systems, Inc

Find out what people truly want and work backwards from there.

Jon P. Wheeler ‘95

Jon P. Wheeler, DDS, PA

Customer service and value are the key watch words to guide you in business.

Robert Reeves ‘77

McLane Advanced Technologies

Your time is your most precious resource. Don't sell it out for a 9-5 paycheck or think it is worth any less on nights and weekends. Invest it in the form of something that will support you and your family for generations, returning the rewards and freedo

Michael Hnatt ‘91

Gladstone Inc.

In business, just as in real life, you can't control what others will do so you have to focus on what you can control: your own actions. Never allow yourself to settle for "good enough" and never sacrifice your integrity.

Jason P. Gray ‘96

AGS Scientific, Inc.

A strong work ethic and good character transcend all industries and time.  They are the foundations for a successful career and can be applied to whatever you do.

Justin Trail ‘93

Chris Austin ‘91

Commercial Insurance Solutions Group, LLC

Have faith in the Lord and your family.  Work with urgency. When making business decisions, if you strive to improve the lives of the children of your employees, you’ll never hang your head through success or failure.

Justin Penick ‘96

Acorn Forestry

Integrity far outweighs all other traits.  Many talented and intelligent people have failed because they cannot be trusted to keep their word and commitments.  At Texas A&M, the honor code was a big deal to me and I operate my company based on that princi

Paul Gugenheim ‘73

Delta Structural Technology

Dream, Ponder, Execute following the Aggie Code, Repeat!!!

Scott Moscrip ‘93

Internet Truckstop

Set measurable and aggressive goals and focus your efforts to achieve them.

C. Michael Donovan ‘96

HTS Texas

ZT Global Investments, Inc. defines success in building and maintaining our relationships while surpassing our client’s expectations by providing above and beyond solutions.

Taseer A. Badar ‘95

ZT Global Investments

Take care of your customers the way you want to be taken care of.

Todd Sorrel ‘96

Gordon Sorrel ‘69

Select Premium Services, Inc

Focus on delivering the highest quality product/service possible.  Document your processes and train your people according to those processes.   Constantly communicate with customers as well as your employees.  Hire people slightly ahead of the demand cur

Travis M. Parigi ‘94


To succeed in an entrepreneurial endeavor you must count on your faith and rely on your persistence.  Have faith that God has a plan for your company and have the persistence to see it through to that end.

Wesley D. Millican ‘92

MillicanSolutions, Inc.

To quote the famous Clark Griswold: "It's all part of the experience." It's not the destination, it's the journey.

Ana M. Brumfield ‘95

Bresource, Inc.

Seize every opportunity that you're given to lead a life less ordinary.

Dave Lilley ‘95

Rodney P. Martin II ‘00

Trinity Hughes Construction

Pursue your dreams, work hard but work smart and surround yourself with employees who are motivated and believe in you and your vision.   Lead by example…..that's what Aggies do!

Wm. Keith Przybyla ‘86

Wm. J. "Bill" Przybyla ‘63


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of a successful business. In short, always DO THE RIGHT THING!

Tom Kidd ‘83

Structured Foundation Repairs, Inc.

Learn from history's lessons, always be looking ahead into the future, but never forget to take care of today's business.

Gerald H. Schwarz ‘82

Tod D. Hanson ‘88

Schwarz Hanson Architects

I follow a rule of 5 H’s in my business – Honesty, Humility, Hard Work, High Quality, and Humor.  Be true to who you are as a person, remember where you came from and how you got started, work hard, produce quality work on behalf of clients, and above all

Monique Threadgill ‘90

MOSAK Advertising & Insights

Individual responsibility and accountability are cornerstones of every business.  If a single person falls short, the whole foundation is compromised.

Taseer A. Badar ‘95

True View Realty Partners One LP

It takes time to build a successful business so pay your dues earlier in life so that you have decades to reap the rewards of your efforts.  Count your blessings daily & give God the praise for the talents He's given you.  Stay humble by giving Him the cr

Frank Aswad ‘98

Aswad Wealth Advisors LLC

Be alert and quick on your feet-watch closely for subtle changes in your industry, and adapt proactively before your competition.

Dr. Kevin Kettler ‘87

Kettler Veterinary Hospitals, Inc.

Live by the Golden Rule and always ask yourself: "How would I want them to treat me?”  It is a small world in business relationships and the things you do come back to you sooner than you might expect.

Larry Teverbaugh ‘76

K2Share, LLC

Keep your promises.

Ward McCampbell ‘85

Ward McCampbell PC

It is more than creating a unique service offering or product, you have to have a customer willing to buy it.

Brian Lamb ‘91

AXYS Industrial Solutions

The only good business deal is the one that comes along when you have money in your pocket to act on it.

Wade Sales ‘90

Mike Halford ‘91

SHS Management, LP

Strive for the day when you can celebrate your journey with friends and fellow travelers. Do good, be generous, and share.

Richard Reno ‘70

Omega Airline Software, Inc.

Stay focused on the important, not the urgent. Know your limits and learn to work as a team so your business can use everyone's strengths.

Carolyn Harwell Turk ‘84

Buckey Lee Turk, Jr. ‘83

MacResource Computers

Without sounding cliché..."Take care of the customer."  Ultimately, they are the reason for your success.  Don't view the customer as an order, but rather as a long term relationship.

Brad Hickerson ‘93

Fast-Pak Supply Corp.

Being a genuinely honest, trustworthy, and reputable person is the first step in building a company with the same traits.

Mike Garratt ‘98

Layne's of College Station

Pursue your purpose!

Shan Jenkins ‘88

Bethany Jenkins ‘88

Jenkins Custom Homes

Aggies are a rare breed. Above all, sheer determination is required to be successful.  Work hard and work smart. If the goal is also your passion, happiness will be our companion.

Michael R. Wilkinson ‘86

Sandra D. Wilkinson ‘86

H. Michael Willey ‘78

Paragon Innovations, Inc.

Take great care of your employees.

Alvin Adamcik ‘60

MI Cable Company

Know every aspect of your business then find staff that do them better than you.

David Mebane ‘98

Fat Tire Bike Tours and City Segway Tours

Hire for attitude.  You can always teach job skills.

Gordon Sorrel ‘69

Texas Insurance & Financial Services Inc

Invest in your team – not just in salaries, but through genuine acknowledgment, support, encouragement and growth.

Christine M. Hollinden ‘87

Hollinden | professional services marketing

In choosing a path for your business, make sure that your map allows for more than one route to your end result.

Tim Rabroker ‘82

Slovacek Foods, LP

To handle all the obstacles that come your way as an entrepreneur make sure that you build a solid team of professionals around you.  You will rely on them a great deal as sounding boards to solutions, creative outlets for discussion, and part time psycho

Ben Collinsworth ‘99

Native Land Design

Don't make your friends at work.  Keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Paul A. Acreman ‘75

UMC Physician Network Services

Always offer your best effort, even in circumstances where success seems unlikely. You never know when luck or another Aggie may be the deciding factor!

Ed Muñiz ‘67

MEI Technologies, Inc.

Being safe takes diligence, just like running a good business.

Quentin Baker ‘78

Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, Inc.

When faced with a choice between business success and your reputation, always choose your reputation.

Katherine "Jaime" Phillips ‘87

Phillips Anker, PC

When the chips are down, keep your head held high.  This is what divides the great from the average.

Clay Schlinke ‘94

Tesoro Homes

Keep focused on long term relationships even if you have to sacrifice profit.  Treat everyone as if they are your next big client.

Kyle Cook ‘91

Mike Galvin ‘77

Meridian Constructors, LLC